Asylum of the Dwarf King

So, I’ve been forming this idea for a roguelike. Yeah, yeah, roguelike shmoguelike, same old same old run of the mill. It’s boring, I get it. But really this isn’t so much about making a new and innovative game as it is testing my competency with C#. I’ve already worked out which engine I’ll be using (RogueSharp/RLNET, built on top of OpenTK which is an OpenGL framework yaddah yaddah basically ASCII yay), but I have a long way to go before I can even begin programming; such as learning the engine and creating a development roadmap.

(All names are a placeholder, a history buff might note that they are all locations in medieval Ireland.)

You are a human warrior, tasked with accompanying the most recent trade caravan from the city of Tuadhumhain to the Dwarven Fortress of Clancullen. When you are looking for the lavatories, you notice a strange light coming from the stone doorway of a lonesome portal at the end of a long corridor. Following this light, you end up disturbing the Dwarven King Balor in the midst of his summoning ritual. An epic fight ensues, but ultimately you are defeated. You are cast into the crypts, where you must fight your way out through endless hordes of the reanimated dead. Now with only the ill-fitting armor of long-past dwarves, and the rusty weaponry of a long-forgotten age, it is up to you to end the Necromancer King’s reign. Go forth and strike down the God of Death incarnate.

I don’t have anything other than that blurb to show for it at the moment. After all, it will be an ASCII game, so concept art will be all but useless and the entire game’s development will be code, so there’s not much interesting stuff going on there.

The earliest prototypes will be constructed around this tutorial while I learn the engine at first. I will later go on to break away from the preset and make the game entirely my own.

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