New Engine

I’ve decided to switch the engine over to libtcod (Doryen Library). It is much more complete and has a full tutorial to help me get started with the engine (as well as introduced to C++ since I’m still learning that one).

I’ll also take this time to list off some of my goals for Version 0.1.0 (the first playable build):

  1. Complete opening sequence (cinematic)
  2. Complete Level 1 (will be the same every playthrough)
  3. Partial generation implementation for the creation of rooms beyond Level 1 (henceforth “The Catacombs”).
  4. Partial inventory system.
  5. Partial combat system.
  6. Full plot map (not implemented, but ready).

The last one will be the most time consuming, I bet. I’ll have to sit down for a few days and write a full story, after all. Or rather, the beginning and ending of a story. Assuming I don’t later decide to have multiple endings. Assuming I don’t later decide to convert this project to a dungeon-master look-alike. That sounds like a good idea, actually…

I’ll do my best to stay focused on what the project is for now. Though now is the best time to decide once and for all, I can always retroactively program the game to become whatever I need it to be. That’s the beauty of programming after all.

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