Dev Log: Week 1

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New additions:

  • Opening level. Removed in favor of cinematic.


  • Graphics from solid colors to ASCII symbols.
  • Map generation system tweaks.


  • First fight is bugged; King will spawn infinitely no matter how much I tinker with his spawn line.


Welcome to the first in a series of weekly dev logs! I will try and uphold this as often as I can, but I do have a job that doesn’t involve this project. It will be late or early sometimes. Anyway, right on into the dev log.

I’ve begun work on a name generation system that will generate a name for the player based on an array of consonants and an array of vowels, appending them together to create a 6 letter name at random. It has some nice outputs so far, just having some trouble getting it to render properly in the engine.

On another note, I’ve decided against an opening cinematic. As much as I’d like one, I’m simply not at that level yet. It may be implemented in a future build.

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