New Version (now with Hotfixes)

First of all, you may have noticed I changed the version number format. This is because I decided this project was going to take longer than the rate at which I was updating the version number, and I didn’t want to stop updating the version number like I was.


  •  Name generation – Name generator has been updated to be more complex and streamlined simultaneously.
  • Map generation – Map generation has been slightly tweaked, but more needs to be done before it can be called done. A lot more.
  • Dodging – Undead can no longer shimmy away from your sword with the quickness of a Michael Jackson song entitled “Speed Demon.”
  • Render order – Items no longer cover up NPCs.

Dev Diary

I’m pretty content with my name generation protocols. Yeah, I said it. I’m content with something. Shocker. No seriously, shocker. I never thought I’d be happy with it. Okay, I’m not really happy with it, but I’m content with it. I won’t be changing it for a while, at least. I’m going to focus on other things, like fleshing out combat, streamlining the map generation protocol, and introducing character progression.

Another big thing I’ll be focusing on soon is story generation. Yep, the story will be randomly generated each playthrough. Aside from the big things, like the Dwarf King narrative. However, mini-bosses will be randomly generated, both in name and ability. You might get a mini-boss with 2 hp but the name “Agenathar the Berserker” for example. That would be badass and disappointing simultaneously, but it’s all in the fun of a randomly generated story, right?

I don’t know for sure, you’ll have to tell me.

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