Changelog v0.0.1.52

Changelog v0.0.1.52

  • Added blood splatter.
  • Added deities and the capability for them to influence gameplay, though the odds of this happening are quite low.
  • Added character progression.


Devlog v0.0.1.52

Already? I felt like it would take longer to put out this update. Guess I work faster than I thought, even with all the walls I hit trying to get that blood splatter to work. If anyone was interested, the reason it wasn’t working was because I was assigning the x and y values of the blood splat to separate vectors instead of appending an indexed value to a single vector. Thanks @DerreckValentine.

At any rate, there’s a lot more to get done, especially with regards to the new additions. They are barebones at the moment, the only reason I put out this update now was because I wanted character progression to get done ASAP.


~Sabbatic Goat

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