DevLog 6-17-18

DevLog 6-17-18

The transition to C# is going well so far. I couldn’t decide whether to use RogueSharp or MonoGame, so I’m developing a version of ADK in both right now. The RogueSharp version is naturally much further along, but the MonoGame version is just so much more of a learning experience. I want to be able to say I made my own game from scratch, as well, not that I based mine off a pre-existing game, even if said game was a tutorial framework.

On the other hand, MonoGame is incredibly difficult to program in. Not because it’s a bad framework, but because I don’t know everything I need to, so I have to teach myself almost everything I do. As opposed to RogueSharp, wherein I already know most of what I’m doing so I can move much faster and efficiently.

In other news, a C# playable version should be out soon. Within the next week, I’d say. Whether it’s MonoGame or RogueSharp is yet to be seen, but we’ll get there, I promise.

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